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Our programs are designed to create lasting, sustainable impact on individuals, teams, and organisational results

Future Leaders’ and managers’ empowerment


Our signature program is designed to engage & empower the new generation of leaders with relatable simulations, stories and substance. Build your organisation’s succession pipeline by equipping your future leaders and managers with these critical core skills today!

My biggest takeaway from this whole program would be the importance of being a responsible leader and working in a group. Every situations in life will require us to face them with different people in various situations so it is very important to know how to communicate and interact with those around us.

Amanda Yuen
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
As an introvert, FLAME has helped me to improve vastly on my communication skill. From someone who only smiled and talked a few words on the first day of FLAME, to being able to present in front of an audience. I still have a lot more to improve but FLAME is a good start. Plus, I am more than happy to be part of the Project Catalyst. It made me realise that it’s okay to take a break from your own goal to help those in needs because life is more than just materials.

Farah binti Zainal Abidin
Great Eastern Life Assurance
Honestly, I teared up in Mui Han’s, Cindy’s & Dhynna’s and Chee Onn’s classes. I somehow felt that they triggered my past traumas but at the same time heal them. So, I feel very grateful yo have known them and to be able to sit in their class. Thank you so much 💓

Nur Amanina Haziqah
Credit Guarantee Berhad (CGC)
realising your people’s potential

🧩Powered by Harrison Assessments™️

Are you unsure of who you’re hiring, who to promote, or how to develop your staff? Guided by years of practical experience, Symphony Learning Consultants utilitises the award-winning psychometric tool to help you to get to know your people – sometimes even better than they know themselves!

I think one biggest moments of the whole program (or the highlight of it) was the Harrison Assessment as it really made me better realize and understand the traits I have. Not gonna lie, it does make a great life partner assessment too as it can evaluate if you and your potential partner’s values match up. But on a serious note, it really stood out to me because I get to see where are my strengths and weaknesses, which I think will help in any future job interviews.

Macy Wong
Great Eastern Life Assurance
together, everyone achieves more

🏆Experiential Team Building

Take your team outdoors, indoors, up the hill, into the jungle or by the beach – we offer a unique team engagement experience that not only bring out the fun and spark joy, but also reveal the learning, connect the relationships, and forge that ever-critical team bond!

sharpen the saw, sharpen the results

🏄🏻‍♂️Skills Enhancement Workshops

Our workshops are immersive, reflective, and most importantly – actionable for results. Some of our most requested topics are:

• Transformational Leadership
• Intellectual Flexibility for Problem Solving
• Self-Awareness & Growth Mindset
• Creativity & Innovation
• Motivating, Delegating & Empowering Others
• Effective Communication
• Strategic Thinking & Implementation
• Mindfulness
• Impactful Presentation
• Emotional Intelligence
• Heart Intelligence
• Change Management
• Design Thinking
• Customer Service
• Negotiating & Influencing Skills
• Sustenance & Renewal

In general, all of the trainers were very insightful and had great affinity for leading and conducting leadership classes but those who stuck out to me were Kumar, Nadzrin, and Zest Connection. I think they had modules that really complement their personalities which really enhanced the overall enjoyment of their classes. They showed great empathy and were very perceptive when it comes to our participation. It felt like our inputs were appreciated and valued which really encourages participation as a whole.

Dzarif bin Rashidi
AmBank Berhad
Coming into this training I was stage fright, did not have confidence when it comes to presenting. After going through the training I a have better idea of how I can make presentations better, more interesting and engaging. Seeing that my presentations can be very technical I can now make it a little less boring. I’ve also come to know I’m not alone in being stage fright and have more self confidence now with a bit more practice. Thanks to the amazing trainers who help provide a safe environment for me to explore and express my fears and realise what I’m really capable of.

Great Eastern Takaful Berhad
I believe I will carry what I have learnt with me throughout my lifetime. That said, I’d like to express my gratitude to Loo Han, Chee Onn, Kumar, Nadzrin, Gordon, Teng Yan, and Dhynna for providing us great heights of insights of what it takes to be a leader. They have opened my eyes to see that while technical skills are important, it is crucial to take a step back and see the big picture of the significance of soft skills. Only when we are able to manage our emotions and mature our thinking, then can we bring a team together and lead them by example.

Evelyn Chua
Affin Bank Berhad
people, planet & profit

⚡️Project Catalyst

Identify a problem, conduct site visits, convince multiple stakeholders and deliver an impactful solution for the community, environment or your business. This unique project-based program delivers a distinctive experience, memorable learning & transformative results that simply cannot be replicated in a classroom. Some call it CSR, others call it a hackathon. We call it…Project Catalyst!

systems, strategy & scalability

⚙️Human Capital Consulting

Sometimes, training just ain’t enough. You need a systematic intervention for your human capital needs. Our experienced consultants are here to customise solutions that meet your specific requirements – from talent assessment, talent development, employee engagement to strategies on retaining your best staff!

Let’s Do It!

The ability to touch a live, breakthrough limitations, spark joy, and manifest business results through inspired people is simply phenomenal.

Together, let’s make it happen!