Colour Me Safe

by Keeping it First Class


  • Malaysia’s public road access to high density and high traffic areas face neglect and lack of maintenance
  • Dirty alleyways give a bad impression to pedestrians:
    1. May deter tourists from using them and giving them an overall bad impression of Malaysian infrastructure.
    2. Locals see these alleyways as troublesome and unappealing.
  • The alleyways are unhygienic and discourages citizens from accessing highly frequented areas such as Pasar Seni. Examples of issues include:
    1. Rubbish piling up
    2. Presence of vermin such as rats
    3. Leakage from piping
  • The lack of awareness regarding the harmful effects of stress on our mental health. The theme of the mural would be to spread positivity for International Stress Awareness Week


  1. To provide a cleaner and pleasant space for pedestrians walking around Pasar Seni:
    • By alleviating the look and feel of the alleyway by means of beautification through a group clean-up and mural painting.
  2. To utilise the targeted area as a way to promote international stress awareness week.
  3. To provide a more conducive environment for Malaysians i.e creating a clean and welcoming alleyway.
  4. To attract more tourists both local and international to walk through the alleyway to appreciate local mural art and spread the awareness through social media.

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