Catalysts of Transformation

By combining project-based learning and coaching, Project Catalyst provides a platform for participants to tackle a social or environment issue of their choice. In the process, they not only create sustainable impact for the selected cause, but they themselves learn and grow into better, more rounded individuals and future leaders.

Teaching a person to fish – One of the key differentiation from regular CSR programs is that Project Catalyst doesn’t aim to just hand out money or supplies. It aims to spark a transformation (hence the name, catalyst) within the local community for long-term sustainable impact. This ensures empowerment for both the communities and the participants.

Consider Project Catalyst for your next CSR initiative, branding exercise, team building engagement, employee engagement activity, graduate training program or even talent pool program.

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Why Project Catalyst works?

4 reasons why the Project Catalyst experience is simply unparalleled

Real Stakes

This is not a lecture or simulation. This is a real world project with real stakeholders and real risks, aimed at creating real impact. Having “skin in the game” builds commitment and a meaningful purpose. Seeing the final outcome in real life also creates true fulfilment and lasting memories.

Learning by Doing

By getting down on the ground, participants very quickly find out the difference between theory and reality. This gives them a hands-on experience to practice and apply what they have learnt in the classroom to see what works and what doesn’t – and what needs to be change.

Driven by Participants

Participants are the drivers of their projects right from identifying the cause of choice, to dealing with stakeholders, managing change and producing results. There is no spoon-feeding here. Participants must learn to be resourceful, proactive, collaborative, and step to complete the project as one.

Safe Space to Innovate

In regular business dealings, a mistake or failure can be very costly. Project Catalyst takes away the paralysing pressure and gives participants the freedom to explore, experiment and innovate. These lessons are can then be applied back into the workplace – safely and confidently.

What Others Say…

Transformational impact inside and out

From the group catalyst project, I have learned to let people take responsibilities. Previously, I am the type of person that will be handling everything because I am worried certain things would not be up to my standard but in reality, that is so far from the truth.

Wan Adli bin Wan Azman
AmBank Berhad
The first valuable life lesson I learned from our catalyst project was gaining an understanding of the challenges faced by B40 families. This experience served as a powerful reminder for me to appreciate the blessings and opportunities in my own life. It also reinforced the importance of giving back to society when we benefit from it. I believe that the actions we take today shape our future leadership. Therefore, I would like to encourage everyone to take small steps towards creating a positive and transformative impact on our society. Together, we can strive to make a meaningful difference and contribute to building a better world.

Tay Le Tong (Olivia)
Hong Leong Bank Berhad
Prior to the program, I struggled with effectively handling projects. However, through the program, I acquired valuable project management skills, which led to my involvement in the project catalyst team. This experience allowed me to apply my newfound skills and make meaningful contributions to project success. These challenges, although demanding, provided opportunities for growth and development. Overcoming them has bolstered my confidence, expanded my knowledge, and improved my project management abilities.

Muhammad Hakim bin Hasbullah
AmBank Berhad

Let’s Do It!

The ability to touch a live, breakthrough limitations, spark joy, and manifest business results through inspired people is simply phenomenal.

Together, let’s make it happen!